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Trailfox AMP


Wersje osprzętu

Your ride…amplified

Great music is transformed from a nice experience, into an unforgettable, amazing one when amplified by power and the latest technology. Now too will your mountain biking with the Trailfox AMP – a mind-expanding, generation 2.0 e-MTB. The Trailfox AMP opens the door to a new mountain bike experience allowing you to take on the more challenging and technical rides that have been on your to-do list. More range, more freedom to explore: your potential…amplified. One of our golden rules is the absolute refusal to sacrifice trail performance whether that’s pedal-assisted or not. To develop the Trailfox AMP, we first got to work by studying different e-bike ride situations, and we noticed a distinct riding style emerge that simply could not be ignored. We realized that in order to bring the famous Trailfox ride quality to the Trailfox AMP and guarantee a top-notch ride experience, we needed to make some vital changes. So we adjusted typical Trailfox geometry for specific e-MTB needs, and enhanced our sturdy APS suspension with bigger pivots to compensate for the extra load and torque. We also fine-tuned its kinematics so your power is smoothly blended with that of the bike. And looks? The Trailfox AMP is mountain bike eye candy. Our Impec Lab’s obsessive prototyping and carbon sculpting has resulted in the most functional yet elegantly integrated e-MTB out there. Get Amp’d. Because now, everything is possible.
  • technologia-ikona1Carbon (F), Al-13 Triple-butted aluminum (R), integrated battery pack
  • technologia-ikona11Shimano STEPS MTB E-8000, 250W, 70Nm output
  • technologia-ikona3Rock Shox Yari RC, Solo Air, E-MTB (150mm), 15x110mm Thru Axle
  • technologia-ikona4Shimano SLX
  • technologia-ikona5Magura MT5 (200/200)
  • technologia-ikona5Novatec, Alex MD30
Katalogowa cena detaliczna: 25,990zł
BMC labs
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Shimano E-8000: A powerful drive unit made with mountain biking in mind. The Shimano E-8000 provides strong, yet sensitive support while facilitating true mountain bike geometry. Integrated Speed Sensor: Hidden in the rearstay and disc for a clean look and accurate speed measurement.
E-Specific Linkage System: Strong and oversized, for durability and a precise riding feel. E-Specific Advanced Pivot System (APS): An efficient, durable suspension system with an e-MTB tune that blends your power with that of the bike. E-Specific Geo Concept: Adjusted to the needs of an e-mountainbiker, to provide the full all-mountain experience.
Twin Hollow-core Tube Design: Hides the battery pack in the downtube while supporting a stiff front triangle.



Advanced Pivot System

No compromises – APS suspension technology allows you to pedal hard, brake fast, and soak up bumps without compromise.

Dane techniczne

  • Rama

    Trailfox AMP – Twin Hollowcore – Advanced Pivot System, 12 x 148mm Thru-axle

  • Materiał

    Carbon (F), Al-13 Triple-butted aluminum (R), integrated battery pack

  • Rozmiary

    S / M / L

  • Widelec

    Rock Shox Yari RC, Solo Air, E-MTB (150mm), 15x110mm Thru Axle

  • Amortyzator tył

    RockShox Monarch RT (150mm)

  • Biegi


  • Korba

    Shimano FC-E8000, 34T

  • Kaseta

    Shimano SLX, 11-46T

  • Łańcuch

    Shimano CN-HG601

  • Przerzutka przód

  • Przerzutka tył

    Shimano SLX, Shadow Plus

  • Manetki

    Shimano SLX

  • Hamulce

    Magura MT5 (200/200)

  • Kierownica

    BMC MRB 02, 780mm

  • Mostek

    BMC AMSM 02

  • Wspornik siodełka

    X-Fusion Manic, 150mm *

  • Siodełko

    WTB Silverado Comp

  • Piasty


  • Obręcze

    Alex MD30 **

  • Opony

    Maxxis Minion DHF Exo 27,5×2,8 (F), Minion DHR II 27,5×2,8 (R)

  • Kolor

    Neon Red Petrol

Size S M L
Stack mm 595 606 620
Reach mm 405 445 469
Seat tube st mm 400 440 480
Top tube tt‘ mm 573 616 645
Head tube ht mm 91 103 118
Seat angle sa ° 74 74 74
Head angle ha ° 66 66 66
Rear center rc mm 445 445 445
Front center fc mm 715 760 791
Wheelbase wb mm 1162 1207 1238
BB drop mm 17 17 17
Fork length fl mm 561 561 561
Fork rake fr mm 51 51 51
Trail mm 103 103 103
Crank length mm 170 170 170
Stem length mm 50 50 50
Bar width mm 780 780 780
Bar rise mm 20 20 20
Backsweep ° 9 9 9
Post length mm 125×375 150×440 150×440
Stand over height mm 745 730 771

E-MTB Specific Geometry

Our Impec Lab engineered the Trailfox AMP’s new frame from the ground up to keep the long-reach and short-chainstay feel of our contemporary Trailfox geometry.

We designed the frame to take advantage of a lower center of gravity typical of e-MTB’s and the specific way they are ridden. We slightly raised the bottom bracket but held on to the slack head-angle, plush travel and agility of an all-mountain ride. With Shimano’s E-8000 Steps we were able to implement short chain-stays for a snappier ride feel preservation of a standard mtb Q-factor.

APS – Advanced Pivot System

Trailfox AMP’s tailored kinematics, pivot placement, leverage ratios, and shock dimensions bring all-mountain manners to ane-MTB. Delivering a smooth ride so you are prepared for what’s beyond the berm. The best suspension designs provide control and confidence – so you can ride without hesitation. The same unified rear triangleas our other APS designs, with two oversized links, create a strong, durable rear end that delivers rider comfort and excellent control. Its stiff pedaling platform, and active suspension, deliver efficient, smooth operation both up and down – without evercompromising fun-factor.

Twin Hollow-core Technology

How do you create a stiff frame that holds a battery and drive unit, yet still performs like a world-class mountain bike? The Trailfox AMP’s innovative new Twin Hollow Tube Technologyincreases overall frame stiffness – critical on a heavier bike with additional components such as a drive unit. Twin Hollow-coretube shapes also allow us to integrate components, protecting them from wear and tear. And last but definitely not least – they let us adhere to the design principles we are famous for. The Trailfox AMP doesn’t compete for attention – it commands it.




  • Frame: Trailfox AMP – Carbon (F), Al-13 Triple-butted aluminum (R) – 150mm
  • Frame Technology: Advanced Pivot System, Twin Hollowcore Tube Design
  • Sizes: S / M / L


  • Frame: Integrated Battery Pack, Internal Cable Management, Drive Unit nested in the frame, Integrated Speed Sensor

Technical details

  • Frame: X-12 Boost Axle – 148×12/12 Standard
  • Fork: E-Specific
  • Seatpost: 31.6mm
  • Brakes: Postmount 180/200mm
  • Tires: 27.5″+ max. Tire width 75mm (6mm clearance)



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