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Timemachine 01

Dura Ace Di2

The fastest bike on Earth finds a new ‘F’ocus: Form, Function, Fit.

The all-new Timemachine is tailor-made for triathletes. The culmination of four years of studying the needs of multi-sport athletes, a three-year aerodynamics partnership with Sauber Engineering and two years of final product development, the Timemachine is the new benchmark for triathlon-specific equipment. With continued legendary SubA aerodynamics performance, the Timemachine's recipe for success is clear – superior tube shaping, maximum component integration, and an extensive rider positioning system. For middle and long-distance triathlons or time trials, the new Timemachine is the must-have bike for races against the clock.
  • technologia-ikona1Aerodynamic 01 Premium Carbon
  • technologia-ikona2Aero Premium Carbon, Hinge-design
  • technologia-ikona3Shimano Ultegra Di2
  • technologia-ikona4Aero integrated design (F&R)
  • technologia-ikona5Zipp 404/808 NSW Carbon Clincher
Katalogowa cena detaliczna: 52,990zł

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Wyrażam zgodę na przetwarzanie moich danych osobowych w zakresie, celu i na warunkach opisanych w polityce prywatności

* - pola obowiązkowe
Ultimate versatility: The V-Cockpit (spec on all complete bikes and frameset optional) offers optimal aerodynamic performance for taller pad stack dimensions, while the forward-offset promotes vertical compliance – a state-of-the-art blend of high-performance and comfort. Fully integrated 3rd generation hinge-fork ensures a lean frontal profile, seamlessly integrated brake calipers and a revolutionary, new cockpit mounting system that promotes both form and function.
A rear-mount equipment storage box, top tube fuel box mounts, and down tube dual-mount bottle cage options add up to a dedicated triathlon weapon. The Flat-Cockpit (optional on frameset, not included with complete bike) offers the maximum aerodynamic advantage, letting riders attain the lowest possible pad stack configurations.
Hidden Brake Booster Technology increases the brake-lever-pull to caliper-free-stroke ratio ensuring the brake pads provide sufficient clearance at times of wheel flex. The system allows for the complete disconnection of the cockpit (when paired with electronic shifting options) for travel purposes. Equipped with the patented Quick-Pad cartridge system, the revised caliper design improves overall brake function and aerodynamic performance. Perfect placement of the rear wheel thanks to hollow, full-carbon adjustable dropouts.



p2p x subA

Wzór na wysokosprawną jazdę: pozycja zwycięzców (Position-to-Perform) zwiększa do maksimum możliwości regulacji pozycji jadącego, zaś innowacja subA tworzy profil niewiarygodnie szybkiej ramy.

Dane techniczne

  • Rama

    New Timemachine 01

  • Manetki

    Shimano Dura Ace Di2 Bar End

  • Materiał

    Aerodynamic 01 Premium Carbon

  • Hamulce

    Aero integrated design (F&R)

  • Rozmiary

    S / M-S / M-L / L

  • Kierownica

    BMC V-Cockpit / Profile T4+ carbon extensions

  • Widelec

    Aero Premium Carbon, Hinge-design

  • Mostek

    BMC V-Cockpit (Flat-Cockpit available for purchase)

  • Amortyzator tył

  • Wspornik siodełka

    BMC aero post

  • Biegi


  • Siodełko

    Fizik Tritone manganese

  • Korba

    Shimano Dura Ace, 53-39T

  • Piasty


  • Kaseta

    Shimano Dura Ace 11-28T

  • Obręcze

    Zipp 404 NSW Carbon Clincher / Zipp 808 NSW Carbon Clincher

  • Łańcuch

    Shimano Dura Ace

  • Opony

    Continental Grand Prix 4000S II, 25mm

  • Przerzutka przód

    Shimano Dura Ace Di2

  • Kolor

    Super Red (White decal set included)

  • Przerzutka tył

    Shimano Dura Ace Di2

Size S M-S M-L L
Seat angle sa ° 71.5 – 81.5 71.5 – 81.5 71.5 – 81.5 71.5 – 81.5
Head angle ha ° 71.5 71.5 71.5 71.5
Rear center rc mm 392 396 396 396
Front center fc mm 579 583 618 648
Wheelbase wb mm 964 966 1007 1038
BB drop mm 58 68 68 68
Fork length fl mm 373 373 373 373
Fork rake fr mm 45 45 45 45
Trail mm 60 60 60 60
Crank length mm 165 170 170 172.5
Stem length mm p2p p2p p2p p2p
Stem angle ° p2p p2p p2p p2p
Bar width mm 420 420 420 420
Post offset mm 21 / 7 / -7 / -21 21 / 7 / -7 / -21 21 / 7 / -7 / -21 21 / 7 / -7 / -21
Stand over height mm 755 797 797 838


Form Following a 3-year partnership with Sauber Engineering, a newly revised SubA concept summarizes our aerodynamic advantages: tubes with truncated profiles, crosswind-stable tube shapes, hinge-fork design, a super-lean frontal area and maximum integration overall. Combined with our Position-to-Perform (P2P) rider-position system, this machine is all about free speed – for long course triathlons, time trials or solo efforts in wind-swept terrain.

Functional Integration

BMC brought the first hinge-fork to the market more than a decade ago, but being the first is not enough for our engineers. We have refined the third generation of our proprietary hinge-fork to create an even leaner frontal area with seamless form and maximized function. Hidden brake calipers, cables, and housing, and an all-new hidden seat clamp make this bike feel practically invisible to the rider and more importantly, the wind.

Dual-purpose, Rider-focused

Fit A slippery-fast frame is a good start – but adding a versatile, aerodynamic positioning system for the rider breaks records. The refined Position-to-Perform (P2P) system lets triathletes find their ideal contact points without sacrificing aerodynamics, no matter how aggressive or conservative their front-end position.

Triathlon Prioritized

Stable in crosswinds and lightning fast in straight lines, predictable handling in your aero position, an adaptable cockpit for short or long reach preferences and high or low stack heights, the ‚Quick-pad’ brake cartridge system for swapping out your racing and training wheels, fuel and equipment storage…all of the signs point to multi-sport performance. If your race includes a bike split, this is the machine for you.


  • Frame: Timemachine 01 Premium Carbon Aero Frame
  • Fork: Timemachine 01 Premium Carbon Hinge-Fork
  • Seatpost: Timemachine 01 Premium Carbon Vmax Aeropost – Dual-mount
  • Frame Technology: Vmax Aero Performance Innovations
  • Sizes: 4 sizes: S / M-S / M-L / L


  • Cockpit: V-Cockpit / Flat-Cockpit – Vmax, Integrated Design + p2p Technology
  • Frame: Brake Booster Technology p2p Dual-Mount Aeropost Configuration, Seat Tube Storage Box Mounts, Top Tube Fuel Storage Box Mounts, Internal Di2 battery mount
  • Brake: SubA integrated brake design (F&R)

Technical details

  • Frame: Standard QR 130mm, Horizontal, adjustable dropouts
  • Fork: Standard QR 100mm, Untapered steerer 1-1/8”, Vmax Hinge Design
  • Seatpost: P2P Dual-Mount Aeropost 01 Premium Carbon
  • Bottom Bracket: PF86
  • Brakes: Brake Booster Technology, ‘Quick Pad’ Interchange System
  • Drivetrain: Braze-on front derailleur mount, Replaceable rear derailleur hanger
  • Tires: 27mm maximum width***
  • Misc.: Top tube fuel box mounts, Rear-mount storage box, Down tube dual-mount bottle cage option

**Average sample weight with hardware
***Tire dimensions based on measured tire width

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